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Case File Excerpt

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Northwest Medical Center
Subject: [REDACTED]
Case No.: 4077212

Patient's distress is evident. Physical appearance indicates lack of sleep but there is no outward indication of psychosis. Patient was brought in by husband after what he described as possible night terrors. Patient was hysterical at time of admission but seems to have calmed since then.

The following is a transcript of patient's description of events leading to admission, quoted on this page for quick reference.

"Last night, I lay in bed alone. As I was curled beneath my blankets, thinking about the next day's dinner, I suddenly felt I wasn't as alone as I'd thought. Sure it must be my imagination, I rolled onto my left side. I burrowed further under my blankets and began to contemplate whether or not I would make Christmas cards this year and if so, for how many. 

That's when I felt it. A cold, thin hand resting lightly on my bare leg, just above the back of my left knee. Under my blanket. I screamed and sat up, flinging my blanket off my legs and pulling it up under my chin and clutching it to my chest all at once. The bottom half made a dull thud as it fell to the bed next to me. I was alone. 

Then, from the corner of my eye, I saw movement near my dresser. A shadow stepped away from it and moved silently across the room. Dear God, was it fast! But how could it be so quiet on those ancient hardwood floors? I reached for the lamp on my bedside table and pushed the thumb knob just as it reached for the doorknob. 

That's when I saw it. There was no one there, but there was still a shadow! I could barely believe my eyes, but I know what I saw! In an instant, it slipped quickly down the wall and out under the door. I ran to the door, then down the stairs, screaming and flipping light switches as I ran through the house. My terrified shrieks and the sudden bursts of light woke the kids in their rooms and my husband, who was asleep in a living room recliner, but I found nothing else. All the doors and windows were locked. 

Honestly, I don't even know what I was looking for. Where can shadows not hide? What flimsy lock or thin pane of glass could keep it in or out? 

And that ... That's why I'm here. So you see, this is all just a misunderstanding. Can I go home now, Dr. Lee? I'd really ... I'd really like to spend Thanksgiving with my family."

Patient, while possibly delusional, does not appear to pose a danger to either herself or others, but an observation period of no less than three days is recommended. Anti-psychotics to be prescribed for hallucinations.


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