Slender Man Chronicles

He only exists because you think of him
Try not to think of him

Last Night

Published by Rev. L. under on 12:54 PM
Lying in the dark, the light from the cracked closet door leaks out and provides enough illumination that I can see. I need to be able to see. If I can't see him, he will surely be there.

Outside my window I hear the snaps and thuds of something lurking. I tell myself it's simply one of the local strays, but somehow I can't quite make myself believe it. It all feels too deliberate.

I've noticed an increase in insect activity around the house. It's summer, of course, but I don't recall it being quite this bad before. They seem more aggressive. There was a big cockroach the other day. Fast and flighty. A jumper. You don't see them act like that often. When I hit him with the bug spray he leapt straight up in the air about four inches and then came right for me.

I finished him off with an errant flip-flop my wife had left lying about.

That kind of aggression is rare though. I wonder if it means something.

Before bed I had that "bug crawling through your hair" feeling and when I reached up it turned out to be just that. An inch and a half long brown insect whose species I could not identify. After hurling it away from my head I hunted it with help from Calypso, my paranoid cat, and dispatched it with the same flip-flop.

I admit I hit it several more times than was strictly necessary.

I lie here next to my wife, who sleeps soundly and without worry, and listen to the lurking noises outside. I drift off. Fear sets in and I snap awake again. Any moment now I'm sure when I open my eyes I'll see it. The pale luminous face that I have always been sure will be the last thing I see in the world.

Jumping at Shadows

Published by Jessica Nelson under on 12:23 PM

Since that first night, I've been having experiences with this shadow being, or 'Slender Man' (as he is apprently called) off and on, but even when some time has passed without anything happening, I always feel his presence. Or its presence. Whichever.

Even on a bright sunny day, he lurks. Out shooting pictures of birds a few days ago, I snapped off this shot before I turned-tail and ran. Some might think I'm jumping at shadows, or matrixing, but when what you fear most is a shadow and can matrix himself - or itself - from thin air, this sort of becomes a moot point, doesn't it?

Thefirst shot is as I took it. The second is cropped for better detail.



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